book 1= midnight for charlie bone. in this book Charlie gets his power. He meets a bookseler whos niece disappered when she was a baby. the girl's father just and the bookseler gives Charlie a box and some keys. none of the keys fit so charlie embarks on a journey to open the box and find the girl...

book 2 = charlie bone and the time twister. in this story charlie meets his long lost great-great- uncle who went missing from charlie's school when he was only 12. henry appers in the school and charlie finds him. he realises he must get his "cousin" out befor the person who sent hia swirling through time finds him and does what he ment to do years ago...

book 3= "charlie bone and the invisible boy." in this book charlie bone finds a boy who "left" bloors and never was seen again. they find him and it turns out he is invisible!
can charlie rescue this poor soul??? or will he be stuck in bloors forever????

books 1 - 6