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charile bone

Charlie Bone: he is a decendent of the Yewbeams.* Charlie can hear voices of people and animals in photograghs. In book 2, Charlie Bone and the Time Twister, Charlie gains the ability to "go in" to photographs. It's a mental mind journey where he can talk to the people in the photo's. His father "died" when Charlie was very young. He lives with his mom,great-uncle,and both his grandmothers. Edit

  • a very magical family




Fidelio Gunn: although Fidelio is not endowed he is a great mucian and an optimist. He comes from a huge family and they all love music. With all them practicing their house is always loud and their cat went deaf from all the noise. Although his music keeps him busy most weekends he always finds time to give help or advice to Charlie.

==Olivia vertigo: olivia is in the music depart ment. she always dyes her hair a color and only bleaches it once. she as un-endowed but in book 5 she gets her endowment. olivia is an illusionist. her mother is a flim star and her father is never met because he is off working on a film in south america.
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